TEIXEIRA CONTADORESis specialized in the provision of services, as well as the implementation, advising and consulting in accounting, tax, labor, social security and human resource areas, as well, as the opening, closing and legalization of companies in several industries. Our company provides customized services to clients. Additionally, we seek constant technical and operational enhancement. Our business model is designed so that the client can get on-time information by talking directly to the head of the department or by using the online communication system, in order to obtain documents and information in the least time possible.


Our company is widely known in the accounting field since 1967, when Mr. Seraphim João Teixeira left the SmithKline Laboratory, where he served as Controller. He founded S.J. Teixeira Assessoria Contábil Ltda, whose first clients were Bethlhem Brazilian Corp., Petróleo Gulf do Brasil Ltda., Torrenco Ltda., Escritório de Advocacia Gabaglia, Barros Velloso and M.J. Antunes.

Later on, his son Carlos Alberto Teixeira entered the industry. His innovative spirit and determination contributed towards the growth and development of the firm.

Over the years, the company disseminated and consolidated its reputation in the market, praised and recognized for the services provided. It has been often compared to major Auditing Companies, especially PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Arthur Andersen and KPMG Independent Auditors, which, incidentally, appreciate and have always supported our company.

After the death of its founder, S.J. Teixeira Assessoria Contábil Ltda. was taken over by the company Teixeira Contadores S/C Ltda. The new company continued to apply the same ethical principles used in the provision of services, technical improvements, discipline and good client relationships, technology investment, personnel training and excellence of information provided to clients.

A company named T&L Assessoria Empresarial Ltda. was incorporated in 1989, to serve the Sao Paulo market, providing business consulting services for new business feasibility projects.


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